You’re struggling not to sneeze.

You’re doing everything you can to suppress that cough. But you know that coughing and sneezing is not optional, and before you know it… 

Another leak. Another accident. Another wet patch!  

A leaky bladder really has a way of putting a dampener on your life. Whether it’s from repetitive coughs, an almighty sneeze or simply a burst of laughter, you could do without the soggy reminder of your lack of bladder control.  

Repetitive coughing or explosive sneezing – it’s annoying enough without the leak. And is there any quicker way to take the shine off a hysterical bout of laughter with your girlfriends than to wet yourself? Humour should not be humid, and when it is, it can be humiliating! 

But there is a way to make sneezing safe, coughing mirth moisture-free and coughing controlled. That’s what this online course is for: a DIY leak fix for coughing, sneezing and laughing. 

By the conclusion of this course you’ll have acquired 12 skills that are the keys to controlled coughing, secure sneezing and hazard-free hilarity!


$77 +GST