Postpartum +/-Breastfeeding Nutrition SOS

Well, you made it – you are now in post-birth recovery mode, but with the lack of sleep, recovery may seem like a dream that’s out of reach! With what your body’s been through, you need good nutrition more now than ever – but ironically, this is the hardest time of your life to feed yourself well.

Postpartum Nutrition SOS Personalised Eating Plan to the rescue!

You don’t have much in the way of time or energy right now, so this is a single session with nutritionist Teresa who is the master of making things doable! It can even be done from home – no need to battle to get out of the house or even change into presentable clothes. Teresa will give you bite-sized goodie tips on how to get in the critical increased nutrients you need at this time, including protein, vitamin C, zinc and choline – which are all needed in even HIGHER amounts than pregnancy – and vitamin A, which everyone forgets about because they’re so busy being careful to not have too much during pregnancy!
It’s confusing, no doubt about it, and with your brain likely to not be back to full speed yet, this is no time to take chances on your bub’s health – or yours either.

This is a great value gift for a new mum you know too!

Time to get your PEP back. 

What's included?

  • Pre-consultation questionnaires to find out food preferences, time, budget, who does the cooking, family preferences and what appliances you have!

  • 3-day food diary to be completed, so we can analyse your diet and make any necessary adjustments!

  • Online or in-person 30 min consultation with Nutritionist Teresa to go over your Personalised Eating Plan!

  • Recipes and resources to keep you motivated and inspired!