4 Myths About Detoxification


Fed up with pelvic pain, period pain, and hormones gone haywire? Don’t blow your money on the latest loopy Liver Cleanse and risk your health and your sanity. You might feel you need a Pelvic Transformation (or Transplant?!) but there’s no need to suffer through a draconian Detox that takes everything you like off the menu and can cause harm. Instead, embrace a program that gives you long-lasting change using clear action steps – a program based on the research on environmental chemicals, detoxification and hormones. 

This simple but powerful program is a product of Alyssa’s twenty years working with women with pelvic pain and hormonal havoc.

Warning: not for gimmick-lovers. (Foul-tasting green powders not included.)

You’ll transform your life…

  • By spotting hormonal-harming chemicals a mile off
  • By confidently choosing pelvis-nurturing alternatives
  • By having the power to protect your children’s – or potential children’s! – hormonal health

Worried about confusion and overwhelm? Don’t be. With this course, you will be able to…

  • Sift through the info overload and prioritise what’s important in eating and drinking for vibrant health
  • Exploit tricks of nature to regulate your body clock and hormonal balance
  • Separate truth from fiction when it comes to “detox” from medications, chemicals, and 21st-century living

It’s compatible with your busy lifestyle…

  • Pre-recorded sessions (10 over 5 weeks) can be downloaded and listened to on the go at your own pace!
  • Each week comes with practical resources to make it easy to hit the ground running
  • A pre- and post-course questionnaire tracks your progress and supports your success
  • Easy to use – you just need a computer or device and the internet


“ I think it was really good to know that I was already doing some of the better habits but also to know where I'm falling down or could do better. It's armed me with strategies for things to improve in future and given me good knowledge to positively influence not only my health but my family too. ”

“As a MSK Physiotherapist, I will now ask more lifestyle questions, especially when people are presenting with hip, low back, pelvic pain. This course has changed the way I think about pelvic and general health. So much is consumption, lifestyle, habits, beliefs, time management - everything! ”

“If you are considering doing the course: You will learn so much about improving your health that is all based on the latest research. You will be given tried and tested examples/suggestions of how to make these changes as well. There are checklists to keep you accountable and a supportive group on FB. If you've ever felt like you wanted to change a few things, but weren't sure what or where to start - all the info is in one place for you. ”

“The wealth of knowledge presented in this course is fantastic and well worth the course fee. ”

“I loved all the information provided - after the first session I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the toxicants surrounding us. But then during the course I started to feel empowered by knowing that I did have some control over what I exposed myself to and how I could assist my body to 'detox' naturally.”

“The best part of the course is feeling empowered about making small changes to daily life that are super beneficial to my health in more ways then one. Being able to tick off a weekly checklist as well as the summary at the end was great. And I'm so happy to have the quick reference to go back to. I think this is what's going to keep me consistent with maintaining changes and creating new habits in months/years to come. ”