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Bowel Interpretation Tool and Diary

Get this invaluable bowel tracker kit (PLUS a video and handout to explain how to use it) when you enrol.

Course Overview

The bowel doesn’t stop at the rectum.

You know there’s more to it than that. Your patients suffer from bloating, pain, flatulence, and generally disgruntled and uncooperative bowels. It’s one thing to be great clinically with an anorectal focus, but with this, the first course in a comprehensive bowel series, we are leaving a focus on straight anorectal behind!

Insights Into Insides is the foundational course about understanding your patients' bowel function. We take a trip into transit time. We get stuck into constipation. We bulk out your knowledge on fibre. We answer your urgent questions about diarrhea. 

Some of what we have in store:

  • The 5-step template for effectively addressing any bowel concern with your patient
  • The 3-faceted framework for understanding constipation
  • How to ensure your bowel diary gives you clarity, not a muddled mess
  • Which factor on the bowel diary will trick you into missing a fundamental problem
  • Tests you can use in clinic for transit time: simple versus sophisticated
  • Pros and cons of recommending different fibre sources – and how to stay within your scope
  • The Pscience of psyllium, but also psome of its psinister psecrets
  • Why you really need to be able to recognize effective screening for coeliac disease
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for constipation

This course is chock-full of information to make you do what you do with bowels a whole lot more effectively. This course is a prerequisite for advanced courses that go into detail on topics like the gut microbiome, irritable bowel syndrome, visceral hypersensitivity, the gut-brain axis and intestinal permeability. The bottom line is, you’ve got to get fabulous at fundamentals first. Irrespective of any bloating, you really need to get this course under your belt!

  • Meet Alyssa

    With Alyssa’s clinical background in private practice and years of research and training in functional nutrition, she’s here to help! More and more manual therapists are hungry for evidence based information about nutrients, microbiomes, environmental chemicals and health. They want to incorporate functional medicine or “root cause” principles into their practice for improved client outcome. Alyssa’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation), Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Nutrition Medicine), Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Master of Science (Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine)

Course curriculum

  • 01
    WELCOME to Insights Into Insides!
    Show details
    • VIDEO: Welcome to Insights Into Insides!
    • How to use the Platform
  • 02
    Week 1: Bowel Disorders and Diarrhoea
    Show details
    • 1) VIDEO: Tales of the Entrails
    • 1) SLIDES: Tales of the Entrails
    • 2) VIDEO: Assessing and Addressing Diarrhoea
    • 2) SLIDES: Assessing and Addressing Diarrhoea
    • RESOURCE: Bowel Disorder Assessment and Treatment Framework
    • RESOURCE: The Diarrhoea Wheel
    • RESOURCE: Chronic Diarrhoea Checklist
    • RESOURCE: Bowel Diary
    • QUIZ WEEK 1: Test your learning
  • 03
    Week 2: Constipation
    Show details
    • 3) VIDEO: A Compilation on Constipation
    • 3) SLIDES: A Compilation on Constipation
    • 4) VIDEO: Assessing Constipation A Functional Approach
    • 4) SLIDES: Assessing Constipation A Functional Approach
    • RESOURCE: The Constipation Assessment Framework
    • QUIZ WEEK 2: Test your learning
  • 04
    Week 3: Fibre
    Show details
    • 5) VIDEO: Fibre Fundamentals
    • 5) SLIDES: Fibre Fundamentals
    • 6) VIDEO: Making Psense of Psyllium
    • 6) SLIDES: Making Psense of Psyllium
    • 7) VIDEO: Bowel Case Studies
    • 7) SLIDES: Bowel Case Studies
    • CLINICIAN RESOURCE: Eyeballing your patients diet
    • PATIENT RESOURCE: Figuring Fibre Figures
    • Food Diary Examples
    • Increase Fibre Recipes
    • QUIZ WEEK 3: Test your learning
  • 05
    Week 4: Supplements & Medication
    Show details
    • 8) VIDEO: PEG, Prebiotics and Probiotics
    • 8) SLIDES: PEG, Prebiotics and Probiotics
    • 9) VIDEO: (part 1) The Medication List - Gut Highjackers and Gut Helpers
    • 9) VIDEO: (part 2) The Medication List - Gut Hijackers and Gut Helpers
    • 9) SLIDES: The Medication List - Gut Hijackers and Gut Helpers
    • RESOURCE: Supplements for Constipation: The Constipation Slippery Dip
    • RESOURCE: Comparison of Dose in Senna Supplements
    • RESOURCE: Bowel Interpretation Tool and Diary
    • VIDEO: Bowel Interpretation Tool Explained!
    • PDF: How to use the bowel interpretation tool
    • QUIZ WEEK 4: Test your learning
  • 06
    Week 5: Screening
    Show details
    • 10) VIDEO: Facilitating medical screening for organic/structural GI disease
    • 10) SLIDES: Facilitating medical screening for organic/structural GI disease
    • 11) VIDEO: The User-Friendly Bowel Diary
    • 11) SLIDES: The User-Friendly Bowel Diary
    • QUIZ WEEK 5: Test your learning


“I am finding it just fantastic, what a lot of study and research you do, you are very impressive!”

Continence Adviser


“The best thing about the course is having the knowledge to be able to ask more specific questions to my patients to gain more relevant information about their bowel/gut habits. Having a clear framework to follow has taken the guess work out of it. I would recommend other manual therapists to take the course, it’s really important information to know! I think whether or not you are treating bowel conditions we need to know the things that contribute and the avenues of referral to help facilitate the treatment. ”



“The course was particularly good in regards to screening, and clarifying causes of bowel dysfunction. I liked the practical information given - the bowel diary spreadsheet however I still have to implement it! ”




  • Do I need to be in Australia to enrol in this course?

    Nope! We've had students from the US, UK and NZ!

  • What if I can't attend the LIVE Q&A session?

    That's ok, all lectures and live videos can be downloaded and listened to on the go at your own pace!

  • Will I have access to the content after the final week?

    Absolutely, we always encourage you to try and stick with the schedule, but we understand that life can get in the way! All sessions can be downloaded and you have permanent access!

  • Can I ask Alyssa a question relating to the content?

    Yes! There will be a discussion board on the platform to enable you to ask questions during the duration of the course dates. If you have any queries after the completion of the course, you can reach out to her in the Nutrition & Functional Medicine for Manual Therapists Facebook group or email us!

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