Time for a PEP talk?

(that’s Personalised Eating Plan!)

Good for you – you’ve committed to treatment and have a program you’ve been working at. But tweaking your nutrition can really amp up your results. Whether it’s by maximising your healing nutrients, dampening inflammation or boosting your gut microbiome, this means you are getting a better outcome, getting there quicker and staying there rather than risking relapse. This is a mini power-program with nutritionist Teresa including one consult via easy video link from the comfort of your own home, making it as simple and efficient as possible. At just $60 it’s as economical as it is efficient – so you’re getting your maximum results at a steal.

What's included?

  • Pre-consultation questionnaires to provide us plenty of information to do an assessment prior to the consultation. We like to know your food preferences, time, budget, who does the cooking, family food preferences and what appliances you have!

  • 3-day food diary to be completed, so we can analyse your diet and make any necessary adjustments

  • Online or in-person 30 min consultation with Nutritionist Teresa to go over your Personalised Eating Plan

  • Recipes and resources to keep you motivated and inspired!


Bundle available!

As well as a Personalised Eating Plan, let's look at how lifestyle can impact pain! The Ultimate Pelvic Spring-Clean is a short course to enable you to spot hormonal-harming chemicals a mile off and prioritise what’s important in daily activities, eating and drinking for vibrant health! This simple but powerful program is a product of Alyssa’s twenty years working with women with pelvic pain and hormonal havoc.
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Bundle available!