Resolving Recurrent UTI

You’re seeing recurrent UTI all the time in your patients: prolapse patients, painful sex patients, pelvic pain patients, urgency/OAB patients…and patients seeing you because they’re plain old plagued with UTIs! You’ve told them all the basics. They already wipe front to back, drink plenty of water and void after sex (double-void in fact!). The question you find yourself asking is “What more can I do for my poor patients plagued with UTIs?” The answer is: tons!

Get set to have your understanding of UTI recurrence blown wide open. Strategies go way past traditional perineal hygiene advice! In this course you’ll find out about

  • Specific probiotic strategies you can immediately employ
  • Uncover the role that biofilm plays in UTI and what influences its formation and breakdown
  • What the latest evidence is on cranberry – and a little-known close relative
  • Why urine pH matters in reducing UTI risk – and how you can specifically advise your patient on how to influence it
  • What nutrient deficiencies to suggest investigation for– and even a nutrient that may need to be restricted in the recurrent UTI patient
  • How to determine whether some of the natural medicines your patient is using are UTI-useless or have UTI-utility

The content of this course builds upon its prerequisite, pHantastic pHlora. You’ll be applying the principles further – in particular, discovering what to do when the vaginal pH doesn’t change, and what this might have to do with biofilm and infection persistence and recurrence.