Pregnant and wondering what to eat?

Or you think you know what to eat, but just don’t know how you’re going to stomach it?! We’ve designed this program for you! When you’re pregnant you get advice from all sides, from well-meaning relatives to your obstetrician. Some of this advice is more on-target than others – but a lot of it can also be hard to follow! That’s where our expertise in pregnancy nutrition and practical food know-how comes in. Based on your tastes and preferences, time and budget (as well as who else you cook for, or who cooks for you!) we set up a personalized eating plan – a set of guidelines you can stick to that will promote a healthy and comfortable pregnancy – in as far as that’s possible!

We place a high focus on protein intake, getting enough energy, feeding your gut flora, and maximizing the nutrients for you and your baby’s health, especially omega-3s, iron, iodine and zinc. Some of the questions we’ll answer include how exactly you “eat for two”, whether supplements are necessary or even enough, and what are the most reliable short-cut ways of getting the best diet you can manage at this important stage of your life. 

What's included?

  • Pre-consultation questionnaires to find out food preferences, time, budget, who does the cooking, family preferences and what appliances you have!

  • 3-day food diary to be completed, so we can analyse your diet and make any necessary adjustments!

  • Online or in-person 30 min consultation with Nutritionist Teresa to go over your Personalised Eating Plan!

  • Recipes and resources to keep you motivated and inspired!


Bundle available!

As well as a Personalised Eating Plan and GUT Clean-Up, The Ultimate Pelvic Spring-Clean is a short course to enable you to spot hormonal-harming chemicals a mile off and prioritise what’s important in eating and drinking for vibrant health!
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Bundle available!